You’re building today for the most diverse population in history. Singles, families and roommates come in all sizes, colors, backgrounds and generations. Their housing needs right now may change with job changes, marriage, children, divorce, downsizing, or caring for elderly parents. When you’re building uncertain tomorrows into today’s living spaces, you need both foresight and flexibility. At JD+A we’re here to help you satisfy both challenges. Let’s work together so that the home your buyer loves today can be the home they will love forever.


We believe life is vibrant at every age. Your Older Adult communities celebrate human strength and achievement. We honor your residents for who they are – all they have done and all they still want to accomplish. We believe living in place communities should encourage caring, social activity and independence. Residents love our community amenities and their neighbors. Together, we care for all their needs with dignity and respect.


When you look around your town or city, do you focus on what used to be great… or on what could be made even greater? In Urban Design, we work with you to achieve preservation through transformation.

Urban Design is all about integrating new elements into an existing fabric. It might be paying homage to historic landmarks, or maintaining the character of a bygone era. Ultimately, the goal is to create exceptional environments for neighbors to live, interact and engage in meaningful ways with the surrounding physical space.


Much of our design is on a mass scale to accommodate the living needs of hundreds or even thousands of people. In addition to our larger-scale design work. JD+A is proud to offer both Custom Homes and Entitlement Services.

JD+A takes pleasure in designing custom homes that inspire confidence in the design intent and quality.

With our Entitlement Services, the decisions that go into a community or custom home combine to create a result that’s greater than the sum of its parts.