Custom Homes

We design beautiful residential homes that are attainable and extremely livable.

Land Planning

Creating communities with intentionality, where all the pieces make a greater whole.

Design Guidelines

Ensuring continuity between all elements of a community


Complete entitlement services from feasibility to entitlement approval.

Your home, your community –

It should just feel right

Yes, we are architects. We do everything you’d expect from an architectural design firm. But we do it differently. By design. When you work with JD+A, you’ll find us to be problem solvers at heart, artists in practice, and visionary collaborators with a common purpose. Like the never-ending circular shape of livable space, all at JD+A is interrelated in principle and in practice.

Custom Homes

Architecture within reach

We believe everyone deserves to live in an architect-designed, beautiful, functional home. That’s why we work so closely with custom homebuilders like you. As partners, we challenge you (and your client) to take a leap of creativity and break with your traditional construct of “home.” Without the constraints of outdated ideas, you’re ready for a home that is truly custom, one that fits your client’s taste and lifestyle perfectly.

We love it when our partners and clients embrace the concept of Livable Design, with its intertwined elements of art, science and spirituality. Most important, we take great pleasure in designing living spaces full of joy, harmony and freedom.

Design is our guide

It starts with effective design. Clear design guidelines establish the vision and brand for any new community project. The same goes for custom homes. Working together, it’s our goal to inspire confidence in the design intent and quality. It also informs the future process for all involved – the builder, municipality, community stakeholders and ultimate residents.



Whether applied to a spectacular Custom Home, a Multi-Family or Older Adult community, or an Urban Design project, JD+A brings end-to-end visioning. We work closely with municipalities and other stakeholders to overcome challenges and deliver outstanding results across the country.


It’s hard, often frustrating work. But entitlements are critical components of all land development. A smooth entitlement process sets the tone for a successful project, but it’s nothing to stress over. We’ve got you covered. We have a unique approach for managing the due diligence, planning, design review, and entitlement process. Getting your project right from the start helps both of us finish strong.

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We believe the essence of good land planning is articulating the values, vision and passion that mold a community or a custom home. That vision takes shape long before land is entitled and amenities are integrated. It’s not a question of what or how or how much of anything – yet. It’s a question of the big idea: why are we doing this and for whom?

To do our best for you and your client, we must be good planners as well as good architects. All the decisions that go into a community or custom home combine to create a result that’s greater than the sum of its parts.