We seek to design gracious spaces for our elders to comfortably live in place. Residents enjoy a quality of life that’s unsustainable at home. We get to know our seniors and what’s important to them. Our Older Adult solutions emphasize independence and privacy, a rich social life with stimulating activities, personal care and safety.


JD+A has designed more than 45 older adult facilities in eight states. We know what it takes to work within local regulations and requirements to see jobs through to completion.


In 2014 527 older adults were living in Older Adult communities designed by JD+A. In 2015, that number will rise to more than 1,110. We understand the changing needs of today’s residents.


JD+A mitigates entitlement risk with a unique approach for navigating the process from due diligence through entitlement approvals. With current projects in eight states and dozens of municipalities, JD+A has the knowledge, experience, and process to get results.

Your vision, our expertise

Placing a grandparent, parent, spouse or other loved one is one of the most gut-wrenching decisions most of us face. Finding the right facility can be distressing and disappointing.

We understand today’s Older Adults and incorporate what they value: independence, privacy, social life, enrichment activities, safety and access to care. We align our design experience with your community vision to customize your project to the needs of your residents. This creates relevant living-in-place environments that focus on connection, community, evolving health and wellness support, and overall resident vibrancy.

We don't do 'institutions'

For years, the Older Adult model was based on institutions and hospitals. But such facilities are not inviting or empowering to residents. JD+A discarded the old formulas and replaced them with our hospitality model. Instead of “aging in place” we emphasize “living in place.”

Owners, boards, and operators often bring different mandates. Together, we develop solutions that provide a positive experience for residents.

Carmel Village in Clovis, CA

Land of opportunity

Today’s baby boomers are actively searching for independent or assisted living homes for their silent generation parents. The oldest boomers are retiring and seeking housing for themselves. This demographic creates almost unlimited opportunity in this market. There are billions of dollars of existing facilities in place. We’re eager to help you re-brand and reinvent outdated facilities into more meaningful, relevant, and desirable Older Adult solutions.

We predict forward-focused communities are already assessing adaptive modifications. They are looking at inspired, comprehensive integration focused on design, placemaking, wayfinding, meaningful open space and cultural infrastructure.

Let us help you assess and align your facilities with your residents’ core values and changing lifestyle and health care needs – transitioning from active adult to independent and assisted living, skilled nursing, and memory care.