Do your buyers live the way their parents or grandparents lived? Probably not. Don’t they prefer an open floor plan, larger rooms, seamless flow, and amenities that simply didn’t exist 50 years ago?
Today you may be selling primarily to singles or growing families. Years from now, multiple generations may all live together in that same home. That’s why JD+A designs homes that appeal to a wide range of ages and lifestyles. We want your buyers and their loved ones to live comfortably today, and for all days to come.


JD+A has designed more than 1,500 floor plans in four states which currently house nearly 100,000 individuals.


JD+A listens first, then develops appropriate solutions to create a competitive advantage through high impact design solutions that are cost effective and intended to sell.


JD+A understands how people want to live in a home. We bring this knowledge into our innovative single-family and multi-family residential designs.

Homes that feel different

Housing boom? You know it! Buyers have any number of communities and homes to choose from, but so many of them seem copied-and-pasted onto the next plot of land; cold, with no personality and no inviting ambiance.

We don’t build repetitious and mundane boxes. Not at all. We seek to create homes and community spaces that immediately feel right. Settle in, unpack, relax, and explore. There’s no place like home, a JD+A home.

Livable Design™

Livable Design is the essence of building better, noticeably different living spaces. It’s a concept we co-created with Eskaton (leaders in senior living). We now apply it to all of our work. It’s about designing from the inside out, thinking like the people who will inhabit each residence. We then create elements – internal space, external space, interstitial space – to delight homeowners and guests at every turn.

Multi-family Design

Residents don’t have to live in a single-family home to benefit from JD+A’s approach. We bring the same design philosophy to creating multi-family communities. Forget every stereotype you hold about building multi-family housing. We create spaces that upend the status quo, replacing outdated ideas with friendly, functional, fresh-feeling solutions.

When you’re ready to plan your next neighborhood or community, contact us. Our process and approach will add value to each residence and to your community as a whole.