Reimagining urban

Urban Design is a coordinated effort to make your city or town more vibrant. We begin each Urban Design project with these provocative questions: “How can we apply what’s already here to make this urban space work better for people today? How can we plan for needed adaptability to fit the area’s future character and demographics?”

In each city, town and project we see a partially painted canvas waiting for our multi-talented team to revitalize it to new life.


Communities that welcome participation and support a transparent and inclusive decision-making process are the most successful… and the most fun!


Environmental stewardship can be responsible, beautiful, and economically successful.


Walkable, mixed-use, inclusive, and safe communities are places that thrive.

Holistic approach

People are one-of-a-kind and their lives are anything but one-dimensional. Does your planned environment nurture every facet? We seek to create homes and community spaces that are ahead of the industry, that anticipate residents’ daily needs up front. JD+A offers a different kind of living environment that suits individual residents perfectly.

Our communities are practical and beautiful, retain their relevance over time, and inspire joyful expression every day.


All communities are living, breathing entities. Like us, they need revamping from time to time. JD+A collaborates with public/private partnerships to develop comprehensive revitalization strategies. Our goal is to work in communities facing specific challenges. We help you improve social, environmental, and economic conditions, and we get to enhance life for your residents and businesses.


We love working with owners and developers to plan, design, and repurpose urban housing, mixed-use developments, and open spaces. We’re talking more than a “community face lift.” We’re providing new opportunities for residents and businesses.

Infill projects make us feel great about helping to increase property values and life quality, attract investment, and fulfill unmet market needs. Everyone benefits in some way from infill projects.


Imagine if your city consisted of unique, vibrant and memorable neighborhoods. Imagine a series of urban districts with distinctive architecture and engaging public spaces. We believe all city dwellers deserve to live distinctive, engaging neighborhoods.

Each Urban Design concept must be buildable. Our team works with developers and cities every day to explore new possibilities. We’re happy when we integrate the existing and the new to make city life more rewarding.

Affordable Housing

Nurturing the human spirit. Expanding access to opportunities and health. Providing a path to prosperity. Some may call these goals idealistic or unreachable. We consider them a privilege. These people-centric goals drive our work with developers and agencies to plan and design our uniquely recognizable affordable housing communities.


Many decisions go into an urban design plan and multiple viewpoints must be heard and incorporated. Our process requires we be both vision-shapers and a consensus builders with city officials, stakeholders, community leaders, and project team members.

Our Urban Design team offers a new perspective into the booming field of Urban Design, along with the capability and depth needed to accomplish major initiatives. Contact us for an innovative solution to your next Urban Design challenge.