Livable Design™

When Jeffrey DeMure sat down to explain the concept of Livable Design, his 9-year-old son’s response was “duh.” He got it, intuitively.

Livable Design is not a single feature, but a series of elements that likely escape conscious notice, but work in concert to enhance the functionality, flow, beauty and even the safety of your home.


Everyone deserves a home that’s fully functional and beautiful, too. Livable Design offers a complete home experience you’ll be proud to offer your buyers.


At-home time is precious and restorative. Your residents will treasure every moment. With Livable Design, home is harmonious… and life is good!


Supportive design features provide flexibility for future needs and maturing residents – ours are homes where people will thrive today, grow families, and live in place for decades.

For a family’s ever-changing lifestyle.

What’s your client’s ideal lifestyle? What if their situation or status changes? Livable Design lets you plan for the inevitable and the unexpected.

The concept is not revolutionary, it’s been used in larger spaces for decades. When we started taking Livable Design mainstream, we looked carefully at doing it cost-effectively. True Livable Design is exactly how things should be, flow and interconnect. What you experience is a fresh, contemporary feel that celebrates your life in an artistic and highly functional way.

Take the Tour

Take an interactive virtual tour of the Livable Design™ National Demonstration Home now and see for yourself what makes Livable Design™ so unique.

“Our company’s commitment to incorporate Livable Design™ into The Cannery was a major factor in the ultimate project approvals. The Livable Design™ features were important to the Davis community where the population of those 55 and over is growing. The beautiful home plans at The Cannery incorporate beneficial design features for all ages and allow for a homeowner to live comfortably as they grow older.”

– Ashley Feeney
Senior Vice President, The New Home Company

What makes our homes so special

To create a home that is truly “livable,” one must take into account the smallest details often overlooked by architects and homebuilders. This includes details like plug and light switch height, door and hallway widths, pathway lighting, removable kitchen islands, flat thresholds, conduit supporting future wiring needs, and more. The consideration of these small elements together become greater than the sum of their parts individually.

We can help ensure your projects are distinctive, flexible, and provide a unique advantage in the marketplace. If you want your homes to feel different and appeal to a wide variety of individuals, give us a call.