So what exactly is a red bench? It may be a shady oak tree, a rock foundation or a fountain. It may be the community center or an antique streetlamp. It might even be an actual bench (painted red, or whatever color suits your fancy). The Red bench is any natural or built wayfinding device. It’s always iconic, simple, and unexpected.


The Red Bench anchors your community with a familiar, even whimsical icon. Let’s make your Red Bench a powerful statement that perfectly suits your environment!


Red Bench communities are memorable and desirable. The Red Bench gives your community a unique identity. You will be proud to say “Yes, that is a Red Bench community!”


Your community is chock full of creative design solutions. The Red Bench pays artistic homage to integrating built elements with their natural environment.

Thinking Creatively and Intentionally

We believe every community should have a designated place for neighbors to meet up. That’s why we incorporate a Red Bench into every community we build. Our passion is creating better spaces for people to live and work in. Connecting with your neighbors is essential to living well. Be sure to ask about the Red Bench when you visit any JD+A community.

Beyond the bench

The Red Bench is integral to community design. With our partners, we begin scouting for locations from day one. We then incorporate the Red Bench as we shape the other essential elements of your community.
Why not start thinking about where you want the “Red Bench” to be in your next community project?