Unlock the Potential of Your Next Project with A Due Diligence Sprint

Do you remember when you could be submitting for a permit 90 days after you kicked off a project? Development in California has become more difficult than teaching a pig how to whistle. As a professional home builder or developer in California, you know firsthand the challenges of making projects pencil in today’s market. With prime land becoming increasingly scarce and the planning process growing more complex, it’s crucial to have the right tools and expertise on your side… Continue reading

Renaissance of a Cold, Unused Space: A Story of Transformation

In the heart of California, nestled within the California Armenian Home campus, lay a forgotten area, disregarded by most. This space yearned for purpose, eagerly awaiting a chance to be reborn. Once barren and uninviting, it served as a reminder of emptiness, in stark contrast to the lively and inviting atmosphere surrounding it. Yet, despite its… Continue reading